Tips for other big families from a big family in the USA

Hello everyone from the happiest family ever. My husband and I are so excited to share with you our own experience we have. Whoever does not know us, just a small e-introduction; I – Megan and my husband Jack are of the unique people who live with their nuclear families in the western country – the USA. We are caring parents for our kids, of course thy confessed this. In this article we will share our ideas with you to handle bigger families with ease.

Tip N1 Plan the menu ahead. We do our best to organize housing things excellently. As we both work, we have to plan our menu ahead in order to avoid further complications and misunderstandings in the family. Every Sunday we sit at the round table with the whole family and discuss the food we will prepare on the upcoming week. We have special posted notes placed on the fridge where every child of us comes and writes down the name of the dish he/she would love to eat. At the table our whole family decides the menu taking into account all the suggestions and preferences so that everyone stays consent in the end.

Tip N2 Plan ahead who and when will cook. I am one of the happiest women on earth as my husband Jack is always eager to help me in cooking. The only thing is that he works and does not have much free time so we compare our schedules and decide which day who will cook. Of course some surprises also happen, like I can wake up on the weekend from a very appetizing smell of freshly baked croissants or pancakes and I will be served the healthiest breakfast ever with lots of fruits and berries, nicely designed.