Family meal planning ideas

If you have a big family and live in an extended family, then you simply cannot get through an entire day without a proper planning of meals. It will become a real disaster otherwise and your shopping list will overlap and you will end up buying same products for your family.

In order to avoid this unpleasant thing to happen and save money on food you need to plan ahead everything regarding your meals.

Firstly, you need to decide for a fixed date when you will go shopping with your husband in order to buy a weeks’ food. This way you save a lot of time, money as you will be offered many discounts at bigger and wholesale supermarkets than at a corner shop of your district. You will be sure you consume fresh food.

Secondly, you should have a family gathering for a short time, have a snack together and discuss who wants what to eat for their meals. This way you will take into account all the wishes and suggestions every member of your family might have. Planning ahead the menu of the week you will know exactly how much money you spend on food every week and how much amount you consume weekly.

Thirdly, you will control leftovers you have and no waste of food will happen anymore. You will know exactly how much food is left yet in your cupboard and if you still have that box of Italian spaghettis you will easily avoid buying a new box unless you finish up the leftover. Same refers to fruits and vegetables. Before going shopping check what food you still have and how you can use them in your weekly meals. After that shortlist what you need to buy and head for it.

Take a look at your notebook or so called home made menu to see what is offered for that specific day and do not overload your brain with the question “what to cook today”. It is already decided and planned a week ago. Meal planning is a very helpful tool that should be used on a daily basis. Consult with all the family members and make sure all of them are consent with your menu, get it approved and follow the procedure. When the day comes, open your notebook, take a look and start cooking the meal of the day. It is rather simple, isn’t it?

Plan your meals according to the season. Consider what is the product of that specific season and consume those products more. Instead of buying eggplants or zucchini in winter, wait for some months until spring comes and these vegetables become on budget. No need to waste money on expensive food when it will become cheaper quite soon.