Breakfasts Kids Will Love

What a disaster it is to have kids with low appetite or who have issues related to their appetite. They eat very few things and are very peaky when it comes to food. Every breakfast is a special ceremony of convincing them to eat not to have vitamin deficit or health issues. I will share my experience with you as an experienced mother of 3 kids who are not that easy to be raised.

I believe that every situation has its solution, no matter how hard it is. You can figure out the solution if you wish. I will share a secret with you – kids like creativity and games and this is why you need to make the process of eating like a game so that they think they are playing an interactive game while they are eating in fact.

Add some creativity and that’s it.

One day you can serve porridge but not a plain one. Add either berries – some blueberries are perfect choice, or alternatively you can add a handful of dried fruits with some nuts and cashews in it.

As for the second day, you can serve some scrambled eggs but again, not plain ones. You can give them any shape you like – heart shaped, star shaped and what not. There are special shape giving tools that you can buy and use to entertain your kids and make every breakfast fun. You can use even slices of sweet pepper and break the eggs in the pepper and this will be a natural shape-giver.

If your kids adore Nutella and you do not let them eat it, there is a smart way to get through this. You can buy an alternative thing to it, like natural ones and use them with pancakes you will make in 10 minutes. You can use chocolate spreads with hazelnut and not only, even fruit jams can be added to the layers of the pancake and be served with a cup of proper tea.

Do not forget about decorations. They are a must when we deal with kids. You can use every food you have at hand and make up something out of it. For example, you can make your kids eat vegetables by making animals out of various vegetables using your imagination and creativity. You can make flowers from sausages and many other creative and attracting things for kids to boost their appetite.

Fruits on empty stomach are always a good idea so you can make lollipops from fruits or gels with fruits or various juices to make sure your kids use fruits and get the vitamins from them.

With some creativity you will make yummy and nutritious breakfasts for your kids.