5 Health Benefits of Ginger

This magnificent food has been much talked about recently and it is not in vain. It is included in every kind of diet possible. The benefits we can get from ginger are multiple and they all are really impressive. It is an antioxidant having anti-inflammatory properties and is densely used for therapeutic ingredients is has, namely gingerol, shogaol, paradol and zingerone. There are quite many benefits you can get from ginger, mainly;

Get rid of Nausea

Ginger is considered to be used throughout history as a natural remedy to fight against sea sickness or morning sickness. Ginger is that magic food that is able to treat nausea. Do not panic next time you feel nausea, instead of it try to eat some grated ginger or leave some ginger in the hot water and drink it as tea. Pregnant women just can’t live without ginger as it is number one remedy for them that decreases symptoms of nausea and has minimal risk of side effects. In fact, a study from the University of Rochester Medical Center indicated that due to ginger patients receiving chemotherapy had reduced feeling of nausea which is just incredible.

Let’s protect out organism against stomach ulcers

Stomach ulcers are considered to be very painful sores. These sores, in fact, can be formed in the lining of the stomach aa a result of which they will cause random symptoms like indigestion, fatigue, heartburn and abdominal discomfort.

A big number if studies have indicated the fact that ginger helps us prevent the formation of these very stomach ulcers. Ginger powder can even protect against aspirin-induced stomach ulcers as it will decrease levels of inflammatory proteins and block the activity of enzymes that are related to ulcer development.

Attention GIRLS. Ginger can ease the terrible menstrual pain

Side effects such as pain, headaches and period cramps and are highly met during menstruation among many women. Some girls give up on this pain and start to take special medication providing symptom relief. Yet, we all know how harmful these medications can be. Instead of using chemical medications, why not use the natural remedy available –ginger. Ginger can ease the menstrual pain immediately.

This magic food – ginger can inhibit cancer growth.

One of the most impressive benefits of ginger is that it possesses anti-cancer properties due to the compound called 6-gingerol.

Ginger is quite effective in blocking cancer cell growth and development for ovarian, pancreatic and prostate cancer.

Ginger can fightfungal infections

Fungal infections are very dangerous as they can cause a big variety of health issues from yeast infections to jock itch and even athlete’s foot. Due to ginger’s powerful anti-fungal properties disease-causing fungi will easily be killed off. They will not abide in your organism any more. Ginger is even effective when fighting against yeast commonly caused by fungal infections in the mouth.

Family meal planning ideas

If you have a big family and live in an extended family, then you simply cannot get through an entire day without a proper planning of meals. It will become a real disaster otherwise and your shopping list will overlap and you will end up buying same products for your family.

In order to avoid this unpleasant thing to happen and save money on food you need to plan ahead everything regarding your meals.

Firstly, you need to decide for a fixed date when you will go shopping with your husband in order to buy a weeks’ food. This way you save a lot of time, money as you will be offered many discounts at bigger and wholesale supermarkets than at a corner shop of your district. You will be sure you consume fresh food.

Secondly, you should have a family gathering for a short time, have a snack together and discuss who wants what to eat for their meals. This way you will take into account all the wishes and suggestions every member of your family might have. Planning ahead the menu of the week you will know exactly how much money you spend on food every week and how much amount you consume weekly.

Thirdly, you will control leftovers you have and no waste of food will happen anymore. You will know exactly how much food is left yet in your cupboard and if you still have that box of Italian spaghettis you will easily avoid buying a new box unless you finish up the leftover. Same refers to fruits and vegetables. Before going shopping check what food you still have and how you can use them in your weekly meals. After that shortlist what you need to buy and head for it.

Take a look at your notebook or so called home made menu to see what is offered for that specific day and do not overload your brain with the question “what to cook today”. It is already decided and planned a week ago. Meal planning is a very helpful tool that should be used on a daily basis. Consult with all the family members and make sure all of them are consent with your menu, get it approved and follow the procedure. When the day comes, open your notebook, take a look and start cooking the meal of the day. It is rather simple, isn’t it?

Plan your meals according to the season. Consider what is the product of that specific season and consume those products more. Instead of buying eggplants or zucchini in winter, wait for some months until spring comes and these vegetables become on budget. No need to waste money on expensive food when it will become cheaper quite soon.

Top 5 Worst Foods for Kids to Eat

Every single parent on earth will agree with us that our kids are fond of junk food and if you let them they will eat every rubbish they have at hand. This is why we need to be so attentive when it comes to food. Healthy eating is a must no matter how many kids you have.

If you spend some time on cooking and you are creative enough you can make even the plain porridge the most pleasant breakfast for your kids by adding dried fruits, nuts, cashews, walnuts and stuff like that. I always argue with my kids when I see a bottle of Nutella in their hands while my husband is against arguing with kids. It is the same as you show a yummy piece of barbecue to a person who is starving and not let him eat it. The same thing happens here.

So this is why my husband suggests explaining our kids the side effects of the

yummy bite they take every morning. He starts to tell kids about GMO food as if he is telling a fairy tale, and in the end he showed them some photos of their favorite pets after using GMO foods and compared them with the kids, explaining them that one day the Nutellas and KitKats will make them look that way.

They will wake up one morning and see their head is bigger than normal or they have weird ears. After listening to the bitter truth, my kids never eat Dorritos or Stuff like that. This is a working technique and is worth trying. Do your best for your kids to avoid these foods that are top attractive and top dangerous for their health.

1. Chips, chicken nuggets and even pizza

Yes, right, you got that right. These foods will destroy your kids’ health very soon. The secret here is to limit the amount taken by kids as it is a well-known fact that we – adults prefer to eat healthy food by understanding the harms of the opposite. Kids are on the contrary, they get attracted by these foods and kids consume them more. Make sure to let kids eat this kind of food twice a month and no more. And you can make it as a reward after a week’s healthy food eating. As for the pizza, it is hard for the kids to resist the hot and just baked pizza from a pizzeria delivered to the house. I made pizza making process a fun activity where my kids decide every time who is the chef and who are the assistants and we make pizza together putting those ingredients that the chef decides. We have enjoyed the warm activity so far.

2. Soda Pop, boxes of so called “natural” juices

A liquid killer that gradually kills the organism of a kid by complying chemicals there and making the organism a thesaurus of chemicals that will kill it one day. My kids are crazy about all kinds of fizzy drinks though the dentist told them that it is the same as eating a handful of sugar every day and spoiling the teeth. He said if you do not want to see me and my big syringes often, make sure to avoid these drinks. It helped, my son now prefers plain water to get rid of thirst. I am a role model for him and I make freshly squeezed fruit juice for my whole family every day and we drink it in the garden then my husband takes kids to school and we go to work.

3. Crackers

My daughter imitated her friend who always eats so much crackers while watching a movie. And this was like a contagious disease as soon my sons also tasted crackers, liked the artificial flavors given to them and it was hard to replace the crackers with something else.

Soon I bought a box of sunflowers, made the yummiest pop-corn in the microwave and some other snacks and while watching a movie together with the whole family my kids automatically ignored crackers as they saw us – their parents eating pop-corn and sunflower. Kids imitate parents so whatever you do, your kids will do the same.

4. Fruit snacks

A product massively consumed by kids.  Every schoolchild has a box of this in his schoolbag as the parents tend to think this is kind of healthy as it is associated with fruits while in reality they do not have a tiny amount of fruit in them. All is artificial flavors and bright colors added up to attract kids. Too much sugar is added to this food and though it has less fat of course it remains unhealthy and worth avoiding.

5. Crunchy cereals

Here you need to be careful not to be deceived with the brand as there are some good and bad ones. Read carefully whatever is written in the box.